Céline, Justin and Pauline are our Kinto designers, the creative minds at the base of the process.

Everyone's taste is different. This is the biggest challenge for our team. As a team, they imagine and design many dozens of glasses models a year, discuss about shapes, materials, not without special attention to color choices. Each model is declined not less than in eight colors: whatever the style, a wide choice is offered to the Kinto customer.

Their visions are the same and unite around the same goal although they each express their personal style through their first pencil stroke.

"Glasses have become a fashion accessory, the one that puts a face in value. There is a true desire to design a frame able to offer a personal style to everyone. So, every face that chooses a Kinto legitimizes our work in a way."


KINTO 4321 : prototype and final result (color R55)

At the start of the process, drawing by hand gives way to computer-assisted drawing, which refines the details. The capacity of digital technology allows to work these with precision, to the nearest 0,1 mm.

Several versions then go to the cutting machine: these are the first prototypes. They provide a clearer idea of ​​how the glasses will be placed on the face.  

Designers continue the creative process between tests and corrections. After this trial-and-error phase, production is launched in our factory

From the first strokes to the final result, the work of Céline, Justin and Pauline bears a common signature: the union between current trends and a forty years legacy of know-how

Justin and Céline for ELLE Magazine

Kinto 4268


Kinto 4282

Kinto 4252



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