Netoptic, initially, is the story of a family. Netoptic is also the story of a remarkable entrepreneurial adventure facilitating the creation of the Kinto, Malt, Akarti and Top Vision brands. And finally, Netoptic, is the chronicle of a passion. A passion that prompted Celso Viejo to create fashionable, comfortable glasses that anyone can wear – fine, light spectacles as fashion accessories, designed to the needs and desires of the customers.

In the Netoptic workshops, every one of the roughly 300 production stages required to manufacture a frame is the result of 40 years of expertise devoted to ergonomics, comfort and adaptability.

The team is obsessed with viewing eyewear as a real tool for opticians, engaging with them every day. The informative, critical and creative feedback from every single customer contributes to helping Netoptic offer top quality products. The company owes its success to its customers.

Netoptic believes in the world of tomorrow: a world of cooperation, a world where responsible purchasing behaviour will replace the current blind consumerism; a world where dynamic, innovative local retailers select and offer products that reflect their own particular image.

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