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O p a l i n e

Opaline by Kinto is a plural collection for singular women. It is inspired by our common history and extends fashion trends. The Opaline glasses are trendy and independent, designed and crafted so that every woman can feel represented by them and undertakes her look on the world.

We thought of Opaline as an extension of self for each woman, as the finishing touch of a personal style. 
"Glasses have become a fashion accessory, the one that puts a face in value. There is a true desire to design a frame able to offer a personal style to everyone."

Justin, designer.

The sky, roses, the morning dew. Travels, love, freedom. It is in these resonant ideas that we could summarise the spirit of the collection. This is what we had in mind during its design phase.

This new independent collection has been nourished by our experience and our achievements, true to the spirit of Kinto. It remains unique in one point: our main idea was to make it as a multiple portrait of the Woman, the way we imagine her.

"The shades of colours are designed and created for all types of skin tones."

Pauline, designer.

The designers have given our creations variations of colours. Opaline is a story to adopt as yours, thanks to a flexibility in choices: a multitude of models are revealed in several colours, and one of them will, without a doubt, be yours.

The choice of materials gives prestige to the creation , and emotion to the manufacture: classy metal, glossy acetate or the union of the two. Working with matter is playing with details: from the angle of the circles to the size of the tenons, it is these kinds of discrete gestures and adjustments that make all the difference.



Drawing glasses for women not only involves the understanding of style or desires, but also raises questions related to ergonomics: each model is declined in two sizes, a necessary bias so that each face can find its Opaline.

These frames incorporate all of Kinto's technical innovations such as our interchangeable flexible hinges or the lightness of its structure. The technical experience of Kinto is probably even more explicit in the union between simplicity, elegance and technique.

"The Opaline frame is the one that sits well, that does not hide your face, that highlights your look and takes style to a new level."
Johanna Viejo, collection manager.



For the final touch of Opaline, we asked the artist Aurélia Leblanc to draw a very personal representation of femininity. Her artwork comes to fill our universe and sublime it in fusions of inks and prints of dahlias. Familiar in haute couture, luxury ready-to-wear and high-end furnishings, this is her first collaboration in the optical sector. Visit our blog to find more about her.