Kinto vintage glasses

There’s no doubt: your glasses will serve you well as long as you take care of them. And looking after your glasses properly also means sparing your sight from unpleasant surprises! Here are our 5 tips to keep you clear-sighted.

1. Keep the arms straight. Use both hands to take your glasses off. In this way, the fit-adjustment will stay properly in place.

If your hands are full (or you’re very active), remove them with one hand, holding the centre of the frames!

2. Clean them. To keep them for longer, it’s important to clean your glasses regularly. Use a soft microfibre cloth to avoid leaving any marks or scratches.   

3. "The eyes have it". Avoid putting your glasses on top of your head: it’s not the same shape as your face. This bad habit could spread the arms and distort the frames.

4. Too hot to handle! Protect your glasses from high temperatures: not only can they warp the frames, they can also damage the lens treatment. Keep your glasses away from anything more or less resembling an oven, barbecue or overheated radiator!

5. Put them away. Whenever you buy a new pair, you will always be given a hard case. This is the best way of protecting it from knocks and scratches. 

If you’re just putting your glasses down, make sure they are placed on the arms and not on the lenses.   

Whatever happens, above all don’t hesitate to visit your local optician regularly for a proper readjustment. And if something more serious happens to your Kintos, contact us !